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Roc lit 101

The Book of Jose: A Memoir Contributor(s): Fat Joe (Author) , Reid, Shaheem (Author)

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Brief Description:
"Fat Joe is a hip-hop legend, but this is not a tale of celebrity; it is the story of Joseph Cartagena, a kid who came of age in the South Bronx during its darkest years of drugs, violence, and abandonment, and how he navigated that traumatizing landscape until he found-through art, friendship, luck, and will-a rocky path to a different life. Joe was born into a sprawling Puerto Rican and Cuban family in the projects of the South Bronx. From infancy his life is threatened by violence, and by the time he starts middle school, he is forced to make a life-shaping choice: to be prey or predator. Soon, Joe and his crew rise up to dominate the streets-dodging bullets and betrayal all along the way-but he discovers his true strength in the street corner ciphers where the Bronx's wild energy took musical form. His identity splits in two: a hustler roaming record stores, looking for beats; a budding rapper whose rep rings in the streets. As his day-to-day life becomes more and more fraught-he is shot and almost killed and watches as family and friends fall to prison, addiction, and even death-he gravitates toward the music that gives him both a voice to tell the stories of his young life and the tools he needs to create a new one. The challenges never stopped-but neither did Joe"--