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My Mother, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and the last Stand of the Angry White Man-Kevin Powell

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Written in the spirit of Joan Didion's essay Notes from a Native Daughter and James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time, a revelatory look at today's America from writer and activist Kevin Powell as told through an examination of three crucial figures in his life: his mother, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

Through personal anecdotes and painstaking research, Kevin Powell delivers an autobiography of America as well as revealing portraits of three diverse and important people in his lifetime. First, he offers an intimate look at his mother, a product of the American South who lived through segregation, classism, and sexism - and still succeeded in raising her son to become a strong Black man.

Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Barack Obama's first presidential victory, Powell also reflects on the legacy of the 44th President and his evolution from a revered figure to a hotly debated and polarizing leader by people of all backgrounds. Finally, drawing on his experience touring the South as an activist and public speaker, Powell observes the dynamic rise of President Donald Trump's popularity and the cultural influence of his supporters.

During this time of confusion, in a nation that's divided like never before but continues to become more and more diverse than ever, Powell addresses the urgent conversation about race, class, and identity with keenness and compassion.