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Let That Sh*t Go: Find Peace of Mind and Happiness in Your Everyday Contributor(s): Purewal, Nina (Author), Petriw, Kate (Author)

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Biographical Note:
NINA PUREWAL faced an unexpected childhood tragedy which inspired her mindfulness and meditation journey twenty years ago. After climbing the corporate ladder for nearly a decade, she took a year sabbatical and moved to California to unplug and continue her pursuit for happiness. It's been her greatest passion to help others find peace amidst the busyness and chaos. With that, she founded Pure Minds a company that conducts mindfulness and meditation workshops for the public and corporate sector. KATE PETRIW is the founder of Mind Matters, an organization that holds mental health workshops focused on reducing stress and negative thinking patterns to inspire happiness. She first came across mindfulness and meditation five years ago while trying to resolve unchecked stress, sparked by the corporate grind. Impressed by the impact it had on her mood, relationships, and productivity - she wanted to share it with the world.