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E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX Contributor(s): DMX (Author), Fontaine, Smokey D (Author)

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His real name is Earl Simmons. As a child he placed higher on tests than his fellow students, and liked to spend mornings with his mother and sisters playing games and making pancakes. But for young Earl--a boy growing up on the streets of Yonkers, New York--that kind of childhood didn't last long. Beatings, abuse, and neglect very soon had him moving on to other things, like robbing, stealing, drugs, and, eventually, jail. Along the way, however, he found a talent and a passion for rhyme.

After 27 years of chaos, struggle, and survival, DMX became one of the biggest stories in contemporary music. But his character goes beyond that. He's also a father, a husband, and more important, someone who never gave up, and never stopped chasing his dreams. He has dedicated his life and his music to expressing the thoughts and feelings of those who have never been heard before--just as he was never heard as a child.