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Be Period Positive Reframe Your Thinking and Reshape the Future of Menstruation Author: Chella Quint

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Understand the science behind your natural cycle and work with it to feel and be at your best at any time of the month.
Light or heavy, early or late, painful or painfully bad timing--periods can be a nightmare. Learn what's really going on inside and how and why it matters with this handbook for all things menstruation.
With a modern design and science-based facts and visuals, this book answers all your period-related questions. Find practical guidance on everything from easing painful cramps, to using a menstrual cup, to coming off the pill, and learn the truth behind common menstruation myths such as period synching. Explore how and why periods evolved, then delve into the biology behind the blood. Get the lowdown on hormones to deepen your understanding of your cycle, and learn how diet, exercise, and complementary therapies can help you manage the physical and emotional effects of hormonal fluctuations.
With sections on hormonal birth control, sex, pregnancy, common female health conditions, and more, everything you ever wished you knew about periods is here. Learn how to "hack your period" and recognize when you're at your most receptive, creative, and vulnerable, so you can get the best out of every stage of your cycle.